01 octobre 2017

The Ballad of Nanny Lynn

Kalendis octobribus, a ballad about motherhood, because the Mother of All Countries.



Nanny Lynn shat an annelid
Which wriggled and squirmed a lot
And she'd have confined to a pot
If it didn't just blow up any lid.

She named him The URL FizzWilliam.
He did whizz a lordly fizz
When she petted the scolex of his,
Conceived in her loving illeum.

Together they went and weathered
Stone storms and bombs with aplomb.
He'd go to the park with his mom,
To whom he was anally tethered.

He'd gracefully dodge the wheels
Of passing drays, then alas!
He passed away when a lass
Pulped him under her heels.

Miss Lynn soon conceived a successor.
He claimed the same name and the same
Fate: he was maimed by a dame
As he fatally tried to caress her.

Soon came FizzWilliam the Third.
Together they'd go to the park,
His neck like a question mark,
His tail attached to a turd.

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